Nestled in a beautiful wooded setting, The First United Baptist Church is conveniently located on Route 17, the main arterial highway in historic Gloucester County, Virginia, a fast growing area of approximately 38,000 people.  The church is easily accessible to several metropolitan cities in the Tidewater area.

 The First United Baptist Church is the result of a merger between Union Prospect Baptist Church and Berea Baptist Church.  Its illustrious history dates back to 1868, when freed black Christians left Providence Baptist Church to form their own church.  They purchased the Old Glebe Meeting House and organized the First Baptist Church for Colored People.  After a time the group separated; one group remained on the Old Glebe Meeting House grounds and became the Union Prospect Baptist Church, and the other group left First Baptist and became Berea Baptist Church.  Both Union Prospect and Berea were off springs of the First Baptist Church, which originated from the Old Glebe Meeting House, also known as the Old Glebe Building and Glebe Hill.

 In the early 1960’s, Union Prospect and Berea Churches shared their pastors, the Reverend William Anderson and later the Reverend H. B. M. Faunteroy, who encouraged church members to consolidate the two churches which met on alternate Sundays.  On December 29, 1961, Union Prospect Baptist Church and Berea Baptist Church became The First United Baptist Church with Reverend H. B. M. Faunteroy as pastor.  In the ensuing years, the last three  pastors served  a total  of  thirty-five  and a half years as pastors of the church.  The major project of the new church was the construction of a new church building to include a modern sanctuary, educational facilities for the Sunday School and outreach programs and facilities for church organizations.

 With faith and an unfaltering trust in God and generous contributions from members and friends, a beautiful edifice was built and dedicated to God on December 14, 1969.  With God’s help and through the faith and determination of the congregation, the church paid off a 20-year congregational mortgage loan in approximately ten years and nine months.  On November 1, l987, we broke ground for a Fellowship Hall and burned the mortgage for that building on November 27, 1992.

 Our church has been wonderfully blessed with spirit-directed and dedicated members who give generously of their time, talents and finance to promote the mission of the church, which is to win souls for Christ, to reach out to assist church and community members, to preach and teach as directed by the Holy Spirit and to advance God’s kingdom.  Although we are a small church—approximately 150 members on roll with 60 active members and approximately 40 regular attendees—we have a big heart and a cooperative spirit in glorifying God.  The membership is composed of many committed members who gladly share their talents, skills, and expertise and work cooperatively and enthusiastically together.

 A large number of these members make up the organizations of the church, including the Joint Board (Deacons and Trustees), Deaconesses, Sunday School, Usher Board, Choirs, and other ministries. 

 Among the many activities of the church, Homecoming, Church Anniversary, Men’s Day and Women’s Day are the major ones.  Two of our greatest challenges at this time are to strengthen the Youth Department and to increase our membership.

 With God’s help and guidance, The First United Baptist Church will continue to praise God and to labor in His vineyard in order to advance His kingdom on earth.  Our theme song is entitled “Unity,” which serves as our hymn of benediction each Sunday.