Christian Education Ministry

Shall be responsible for the organization, administration, and supervision of the entire education program of the church; namely

  1. Developing and interpreting to the members the educational goals, and  objectives;
  2. Studying the educational needs of the church and making decisions concerning time schedules, educational use of facilities and equipment, and the elimination or addition of classes or organizations;
  3. Discovering, enlisting, training, and appointing all church educational workers;
  4. Coordinating and approving the outreach program of groups and organizations under its jurisdiction;
  5. Evaluating, determining, and supervising the curriculum of the educational program; and
  6. Preparing the educational budget of the church and submitting same to the Budget/Finance Committee.

The work of the Christian Education Ministry shall be divided into the following areas;

  1. Children, youth, young adult and adult
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Education and Missions
  4. Athletics and Recreation
  5. Church Arts
  6. Library
  7. Audio/Visual